Versa Brella XL Midnight Blue

R 799.00

With an inspired design that features a universal clamp, 360° swivel and XL coverage area, the Versa-Brella XL provides maximum weather protection. Connect it to golf bags, bleachers, chairs, strollers and relax in the shade as its UPF 50+ liner keeps you cool in the most intense sun.

* UPF 50+ Protection: The Versa Brella XL will keep Your skin safe from UVA/UVB rays; The silver Coating and eye safety tips help you stay burn Free; With a 4 way, 360 degree swivel and 2 push button hinges, you can be covered from any angle
* RUGGED Cover AND DURABLE CONNECTOR: The rugged canopy cover won’t rip or tear and is fundamental for sun Protection; The Universal, heavy duty clamp will ensure a secure Hold on Your golf Bag, stroller, beach chair, or even a set of bleachers
* CONNECTS TO SQUARED AND TUBULAR SURFACES: The Versa Brella XL by Sports Brella connector secures to round or tubular surfaces, and almost any outdoor sports chair, so you can get the Best view of the game, with no limitations
* Easy Transport For Easy Protection: The Versa Brella Conveniently folds into a Compact carrying case, weighing only 1kg, so it can be Taken Anywhere; When opened, the size spans 1.2m x 1.2m
* Have NO FEAR: Spend more Time outside without the fear of too much sun; From the beach to the sideLines, the Versa Brella lets you stay committed to Your team, family, and friends, while keeping Your skin protected against the sun