SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro

R 1,499.00

Sports aren’t linear; neither should your speed training be. The Agility Trainer Pro’s trapezoid design helps increase footwork and agility in game-like movement patterns. Built to create curvilinear and broken training patterns, this unique trainer helps you practice the change of direction that changes the game.

Set of 10

* CURVILINEAR TRAINING. Sports aren't played in a straight line, so why would you train that way? These trapezoid shaped training tools offer unique and broken training patterns so you can build footwork and speed in all directions.
* PICK UP THE PACE. These lightweight, agility trapezoids help to develop quick feet so you can maintain complete control no matter what your sport is. This set of 10 has an easy to carry handle so you can bring your practice anywhere.
* ANY SURFACE, ENDLESS RESULTS. Generate muscle with these agility, and plyometric training tools. Practice on the turf, grass, or court. Bring your athletic performance to the next level as you build strength into your training.
* OWN ALL THE ANGLES. The SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro set is ultra-durable as it helps you dial in your cuts, turns, and change in direction in practice or in the game. Precise footwork, balance, and speed can make your game exceptional.
* INVEST IN YOUR TRAINING. SKLZ is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach their goals. No matter your sport--baseball, soccer, rugby, cricket, hockey, or basketball--the SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro will help you reach peak performance