Garmin Device Carry Case

R 399.00

Protect your handheld device with this carrying case. Black nylon with a wide zippered opening and belt loop.

Size 14.5 cm x 7.4 cm x 3.3 cm

Compatible devices:
Approach® G3, North and Latin America
Approach® G5, North and Latin America
Colorado® 400c
Colorado® 400i
Colorado® 400t
eTrex® Basic
eTrex® Camo
eTrex® H
eTrex Legend®
eTrex Legend® C
eTrex Legend® Cx
eTrex Legend® H
eTrex Legend® HCx
eTrex Summit®
eTrex Summit® HC
eTrex Venture®
eTrex Venture® Cx
eTrex Venture® HC
eTrex Vista®
eTrex Vista® C
eTrex Vista® Cx
eTrex Vista® H
eTrex Vista® HCx
Oregon® 200
Oregon® 300
Oregon® 400c
Oregon® 400i
Oregon® 400t
Oregon® 450
Oregon® 450t
Oregon® 550
Oregon® 550t
Oregon® 600
Oregon® 600t
Oregon® 650
Oregon® 650t
Oregon® 700
Oregon® 750
Oregon® 750t